Ilco T49C Cloneable NXP Hitag 3 (Honda G) Chip



Weight 0.400000
Manufacturer Ilco
OE Part# T49C
Product Type Transponder Chips
More Info Kaba Ilco Corp is pleased to announce the very first worldwide solution for cloning NXP
Hitag® 3 transponder keys used for Honda “G” applications.
The Ilco ID49 Solution adds the capability to clone Honda vehicles that use the NXP
Hitag® 3 transponder keys while also pre-coding keys for programming with a diagnostic
device. The Ilco ID49 Solution requires the use of the RW4 Plus/Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus and is
a simple, familiar process that requires a free software update (version 04.09.094
or higher) and the new T49C transponder. For certain vehicles, the new U-Snoop is
needed to detect data directly from the vehicle’s immobilizer system. This requirement
has been rare in North American testing. The new U-Snoop comes with more added benefits as it can be substituted for the
existing Snoop and M-Snoop used in the Ilco ID46 and ID48 solutions. No need to keep
up with multiple Snoops any longer! The new T49C transponder will be used in conjunction with Ilco replacement vehicle
keys for cloning all Honda® “G” applications. The new GTHT49C modular head
contains the T49C transponder and can be used in conjunction with the Ilco modular
blade system. The T49C transponder does not replace the GTI, T48, T80 Plus, or
T128C transponders. These transponders are still needed for their respective vehicle